Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet the Sheep part 2 Caprica

Meet Caprica, she is Roberta's daughter. When I got Roberta, my first shetland, we didn't know if she was pregnant or not. Caprica was the first lamb born here and she was a little fireball! You can see it in her first picture, She was only 1-2 hrs. old and already full of it. You can also see the wool she was born with, OMG! She is three now and her color has gone from black velvet to a beautiful medium charcoal (as in the hat picture), It's soft and wonderful to spin! Caprica had twin ram lambs last spring, they are wethers and both appear to have awesome wool! Helo and Hermes will have their own writings later. I have Caprica's lambfleece (which is velvety black), with prime alpaca with green tones of flash, spun up for sale @ my etsy shop.I will have the hat for sale also.

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