Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meet the Sheep Part 3 Elfaba

Elfaba's, breed is Navajo-churro, if she looks a bit odd for a pure-breed Navajo, it's because she is fine wooled. There is an explaination.....Churro's as most of you know, are famous for bomb proof, course hair, rug making wool! Not Miss Elfie, see there was a time when some guys thought they were going to "improve" the Churro, make their wool softer, more like commercial breeds, not appreciating the fact that for the last few hundred years, the people that raised them, thought their wool was perfect! So they introduced the Navajo churro to the Rambouillet breed. Somehow, old genetics kicked in and poof! She appeared, just like the Wicked Witch she was named after (read the book "Wicked"). She is not wicked after all, she is just Elfie, a Navajo churro in Rambouillet clothing. She is a very special sheep. Hat is for sale at my Etsy Shop.

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